Moving Forward

This is a word of the Lord that he gave me a few months ago:

Let me show myself through your brokenness, let me demonstrate the greatness of who I am amid your weakness. Can you hear the song that is being sung around you, the song of deliverance that is coming up from within you? Close your eyes and see, open your mouth and sing. Declare the words of truth until you arise, arise in the hope that I have for you. Arise INTO the dream that has been destined for you. For it is in this place that all of creation is waiting for the sons of God to manifest.


Moving forward requires that we receive Christ as he NOW and what he accomplished at his death by reconciling humanity back to the Father. He completely connected us back to the original desire of God before the fall of Adam. We must reevaluate everything that we think from this place of origin. It is only as we are realigned correctly will we have the strength to stand what is needed to crossover out of our religious beliefs and experience the true transformational power that we receive through Christ. I want you to think deeply about the following questions below. (I will these questions in the next series of post)


  • What has been eternally written concerning humanity?
  • What is God’s heart toward us? Has it ever changed?
  • What did Christ agreed to do in the planning process to redeem humanity?
  • How do I realign with God’s purposes and desire?
  • How do I receive healing for my soul?

Until we are awakened to the true story of Christ and his mission in the earth we will never be able to connect to his promise of wholeness. This genuine place of restoration is a part of our inheritance. The power of God’s word will take root in our souls and demolish everything that stands against us and place us on prepare places. (God is he who goes before us and make our ways straight). Healing for our souls and bodies will take root as a result of this new alignment and we will witness the wonders of God.

Everyone who realize their association in him, convinced that he is their original life and that his name defines them, God gives the assurance that they are indeed his offspring, begotten of him: he sanctions the legitimacy of their sonship.  (John 1:12 Mirror Bible).

Each day we are given divine moments that can propel us into our individual place of manifesting sonship if we can only grasp that NOW is the time. We must stop waiting for some future event to take place to experience the redemption of all things.  What we believe about the beginning will either cause us to rise in our identity (higher self) and live as glory carriers in the earth or continue to operate according to the old nature and exist in the earth without knowing the presence of God that is within us to quicken us into his hope and our future.


Blessings to you

Living Beyond Disability

The greatest disability is that of the mind. Living beyond disabilities is not denying limitations but it is putting those limitations in perspective of who we are and our ability to soar amidst the worst situations.

We are in a pivotal point in time and if we refuse to rise above our disabilities and limited beliefs we will miss the opportunity to experience the supernatural power of God made manifest in our weaknesses. We must want his more excellent way to such a degree that we are willing to wrestle with our own wills (not the devil…. he is already defeated) and OUR OWN wicked ways bringing our souls under the lordship of Christ.

Yes, we saved folk got some wicked ways, (wickedness-something that is twisted against the creator’s intent) God knows we do but it’s time to wrestle until we change and can bear in our body the mark of Christ. Jacob wrestled until he was awakened to his true identity and became Israel. (The Father of Nations).

Even though the word was spoken over him before he was born and he experienced miracles, signs and wonders he still did not possess the adequate strength to manifest the purpose for which he was born until he wrestled and was marked (in the hollow of his thigh).

We can only be awakened to TRUE IDENTITY and the unity that Christ died to bring us into as we change our minds and allow his mark (his divine nature) in us to be the focus of our lives, this is truly living beyond disabilities.

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Living Beyond Disability- use only with permission.

Life or Death

The world is plagued with people who has had unspeakable acts of injustice committed against them. From the moment of conception, we are all vulnerable to the conditions set by others for our basic survival. When those who sit in roles of authority violate the sacred place of honor that was entrusted to them, it can break the spirit of a man and send them spinning out of control in this game called life.

But even amidst the inexcusable blows that can occur in life, there is an overcoming ability that presents itself when we awaken to the power of personal choice. Our choices can be the greatest enemy to our destiny or the fuel by which we conqueror the giants that stand against us.

We have the ability to be victorious and shape our lives around eternal truths that cannot fade away with the current circumstances of life. These eternal truths will unlock divine wisdom and understanding so that we can experience all that Christ accomplished when he brought us back into full fellowship with the Father. We are not alone, Holy Spirit is awaiting to quicken us and lead us into  all truths.

What will  now choose to do with your life?

Strength Beyond Disappointment

Often, we are blinded to an ever-present truth that surrounds our weaknesses an inner strength that will arise and give us courage to move forward during our most challenging circumstances. How we perceive our own individual limitations and our innate ability to overcome will determine if the many disappointments of life will shatter us or cause us to arise to the challenge and be the best version of ourselves that we can be despite what presents itself in our lives.

Honestly, as I ponder my own life I can testify of many disappointments that has left me wondering just how I could move past one more setback, one more unanswered question and the prevailing pain that I experienced while trying to mask my sorrow.  There has been one thing that has remained constant in my life and no matter how dark things get God has ministered his love for me. He gave me the strength to push past discouragement and hope for a brighter day despite the discouragement that I faced.

Twelve years ago, while thriving in a new Real Estate Career where in just under two years I earned my place in the top 20% of my firm, I had a life altering illness that changed my life forever. I was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri a condition that causes increased intracranial pressure in my brain and cause swelling of my optic nerves. The swelling resulted in severe vision loss and the accumulation of fluid on my brain resulted in me having a VP shunt placed in my head to control the pressure on my brain.  For the next several years I was in and out of the hospital and doctor’s office suffering frequent headaches, difficulty walking, memory loss, inability to speak, and depression. I lost my career, my home, vehicle and my independence.

There were so many days when I felt like I was having a bad dream that I couldn’t wake up from, one minute I was building my business and pursuing my dream and the next I was struggling to comprehend basic directions.  Words can not begin to express the amount of disappointment and frustration that I felt because of my circumstances.

Despite my deep loss, my biggest joy in life had not been crushed. You see, I love God and he is  the joy of my soul. He had proven his faithfulness to me multiple times over throughout my life. The reality of his presence was something that I grew to depend on.  At every crossing of my life he was there to protect me and guide me as I walked through the unknown.

Just 10 years earlier God interrupted my life and brought me back from the brink of death after overdosing on drugs. As I walked with him I experienced the miraculous work of an ever-present God who wants to reveal his love to his people. He placed healing in my hands and I ministered to many who were physically, mentally and emotionally broken in the years coming up to my illness. This reality of him caused me not to stay stuck in the sorrow, pain and disappointment that I was experiencing.

I began to pour myself into the scriptures to seek the comfort that I knew could only come from He who made me and knew the purpose for which I came into the earth. As those words of comfort and peace penetrated my soul reconstructing my brokenness and answering the deep longing in my being light came, truth came, and I became compelled to give those words of life to others who were suffering, battling with life and who have simply lost hope.  I created Eye Opening Expressions a Spirit-Inspired Greeting Card company that minister to deep places of soul.

My experience caused me to seek for the hope and victory that is beyond circumstances beyond sickness, even beyond our pain. I made it my passion in life to press into the unseen world and realize the mystery of the grace of God that sufficient for any challenge in life.


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